Why Attend Dental Assisting School?

Could a career in dental assisting be the key to your future? If you’ve been thinking about becoming a dental assistant, it’s time to make your move. As the need for professionally trained and certified dental assistants in Washington continues to grow, so do the lucrative financial and personal growth opportunities that a dental assisting career can provide. And the best part is that you can complete this affordable, hands-on training program — and be ready to enter the job market -.

Why Choose Our Dental Assisting School?

Once you’ve made the choice to become a dental assistant, the next step is finding the right training program. But how do you choose among the many Washington dental assisting schools?

The Northwest School of Dental Assisting (NWSODA) offers our students some notable advantages. Our expedited program structure allows you to complete your training, receive your certificate and get to work in a few short months.

But the most persuasive reason our students cite for choosing NWSODA for becoming a dental assistant is the intense level of one-on-one training students receive in the...

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